San Francisco

Recently, a lot has changed in my life. I’ll spare the details but what this boils down to is a) much more free time to pursue what I want in a career and b) a lot of uncertainty in the future. Though the waters ahead look unsteady, I’m just happy to have the time to sit down and write about my photos once again.

you’ll never be able to guess where I went

I know I’m a victim of my own criticisms but Instagram really has allowed me to meet people that continue to impact my life for better or worse (mostly the latter). I went on this trip with one of those fine people in particular, Mr. Kevin Han. While both hailing from the same Northern Virginia region, it wasn’t until we found each other through mutual friends on Instagram did we begin to connect through complaining about Nova, making unwise financial decisions on camera gear, and doing other things that I won’t mention.  Aside from 我大哥的冒險 (I’ll leave that translation up to google), we met up with several friends in the area, a personal crossover episode of my college and hometown friends, if you will.

The two and a half day trip was filled mostly of chasing sunsets at Point Reyes/Mount Tam and eating copious amounts of food, a welcome break from the monotony that is the daily 9-6. I guess now that I’ve taken more of a freelancing role in the interim this no longer applies to me but I’d like to think that the point still stands.

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