Oregon and the New Year

Happy New Year everyone. I hope you’re all staying warm and doing okay out there.

Although the concept of time is almost a constant force in our universe, I’ve always thought it to be paradoxical depending on how you look at it. For example, 1 minute passes in the blink of an eye for someone hitting the snooze button at 6am, but an eternity for someone holding their breath because the guy in the next stall over just let one rip. Likewise, this year personally felt like a breeze at some points and a complete drag at others, from squeezing the last bit of life from my final semester in college abroad to anxiously awaiting to hear back from countless work opportunities only to be left empty. Needless to say, our perception of time is heavily attached to our emotional states but I think the point still stands - go to bed early so you won’t hate yourself too much in the morning.

Don’t know how to transition so I’ll use this pic

Seeing as I had the week off, my parents and my younger brother decided to pay me a visit in Seattle and take me along for a 2 day road trip down to the Oregon Coast and Portland. While the weather stayed stereotypically cold and rainy for the entirety of the week, I enjoyed the time spent taking pictures of big rocks, sitting through traffic on I-5, and deciding where the best place not to get food poisoning would be. Despite the few hiccups in the trip, a comforting sense of nostalgia made my time all the more memorable. As I transition more and more into a life permanently away from home, it’s moments like these where I’m beyond grateful for my family and all that they do for me.

Here’s to 2018.


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