New York City

For some reason or another I’ve found myself spending some time in New York every summer and this year was certainly no different. Between traveling back and forth for potential opportunities only to have them end up going nowhere, I’m glad to have at least somewhat of a break away from suburbia.

Always connected.

For the uninitiated, New York City is huge. Beyond the typical Times Square and Statue of Liberty visits that you should really never want to go to more than once, exists diverse neighborhoods filled with heavy international influences mixed in with a healthy dose of gentrification. That being said, I spent the majority of my days snapping pictures and meeting up with high school friends, college friends, and even a new Instagram friend as well as eating loads of Chinese food along the way.

Very necessary.

In short, New York is what you make of it - some love it and some hate it (and both for understandable reasons). In any case, I’ll probably end up going again sooner or later.

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