Los Angeles

For some reason or another, I had never been able to get around visiting LA until this past weekend. As it was pretty much the last major US city that hadn’t been blessed by my presence (I’ll get around to Miami and Atlanta soon enough), I thought it’d be good to kill two birds with one stone - check another city off of my never-ending travel list and visit my internet friends hoping to force them into becoming real life friends.


If there’s one thing Seattle doesn’t have, it’s sunshine…and good street tacos. Even though it ended up raining as my luck would have it, my host and Instagram hype friend Yuma was more than accommodating in bringing me to Leo’s Taco Truck as soon as I landed. I should have anticipated this as a sign for things to come, but the majority of my trip was spent meeting people irl for the first time and eating really good food, so I don’t have many pictures to show for actually. Throw in some hours spent browsing La Brea/Fairfax/Rodeo (spotted Lil Yachty in Round Two), free sober ping pong, and a trip to the Getty, I really couldn’t have asked for anything more to cram in a short 2.5 day trip in such a huge city.

I’ll visit again, see you guys soon.

Yuma, Anna, Eddie


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