1. San Francisco

    Date 03 Oct 2018
    Recently, a lot has changed in my life. I’ll spare the details but what this boils down to is a) much more free time to pursue what I want in a career and b) a lot of uncertainty in the future. Though the waters ahead look unsteady, I’m just happy…

  2. Honolulu

    Date 11 Jul 2018
    Hawaii was good. Ohana and loads ono kine grindz.

  3. Shanghai/Hangzhou

    Date 27 May 2018
    Even though I’ve been told “go back to China” several times throughout my life, this trip was actually the first time I’ve been to China. Jokes on them, I wouldn’t mind going back again 100 stories up To sum up the two cities I visited: Shanghai: Busy, modern architecture, air…

  4. Los Angeles

    Date 20 Mar 2018
    For some reason or another, I had never been able to get around visiting LA until this past weekend. As it was pretty much the last major US city that hadn’t been blessed by my presence (I’ll get around to Miami and Atlanta soon enough), I thought it’d be good to kill two…

  5. Higher Brothers

    Date 01 Mar 2018
    If you told 8 year old me that a group of 4 Chinese rappers were touring the United States performing sold out shows, 8 year old Aaron probably would have wondered what was wrong with you and went back to playing Pokemon Ruby As a kid, I was always embarrassed whenever my mom…

  6. Oregon and the New Year

    Date 01 Jan 2018
    Happy New Year everyone. I hope you’re all staying warm and doing okay out there Although the concept of time is almost a constant force in our universe, I’ve always thought it to be paradoxical depending on how you look at it. For example, 1 minute passes in the blink of an…

  7. Bainbridge Island

    Date 22 Oct 2017
    It’s been quite some time since I’ve written anything and not much has happened with my life aside from moving back to Seattle for an architectural position downtown. I haven’t had the chance to really gather my thoughts about Seattle and how much it’s changed due to my 9-6 work life (sometimes…

  8. Toronto

    Date 08 Aug 2017
    Before the rise of social media, Drake memes, and internet friends, Toronto was never really a must-see city on my travel list. In fact, the only memories I had of Canada were visiting Chinese malls in Vancouver while I still lived in Seattle and a short Montreal trip a few…

  9. New York City

    Date 26 Jul 2017
    For some reason or another I’ve found myself spending some time in New York every summer and this year was certainly no different. Between traveling back and forth for potential opportunities only to have them end up going nowhere, I’m glad to have at least somewhat of a break away…

  10. 8 Days with the Sony 16-35 f/4

    Date 22 Jun 2017
    So recently I got the chance to shoot for a natural gas station out in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania and since I have nothing better to do with my life, I decided to head out there with in hopes of scoring some money and free gas. Seeing as this was…

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